Arrow Spring: Beyond Flower Garden Walk

Arrow Spring is a 300-foot serpentine trail filled with sage that resembles a flowing watercourse by day and a meandering stream of light by night. Its luminescence is the result of the innovative pairing of ordinary LED flashlights and cutting-edge fiber optics concealed within sculptural spheres placed throughout the landscape, weaving 15,000 points of light into the swath of sage.

Artistʼs Inspiration

The idea for Arrow Spring came to me on a bike ride in 2009. I was thinking about the meandering pathway that led through a work of mine called CD Sea (in which 600,000 recycled CDs were laid out in a field in the British countryside) and realized there was a natural connection to the spiritual rivers described in two of my favorite books, Kim by Rudyard Kipling and Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. My idea was to simply create a serpentine river of light, and the title of the installation is taken from the River Arrow in Kim.

–Bruce Munro


Watch Longwood staff, volunteers, and Bruce Munro creating Arrow Spring


  • —16 stainless steel spheres
  • —16 LED flashlights
  • —Over 58 mi (94,000 m) bare optic fiber
  • —328 ground stakes
  • —Four different sage: Salvia farinacea 'Blue Emotion' SallyfunTM, Salvia farinacea 'Blue Tune' SallyfunTM, Salvia farinacea 'Dansalfun1' SallyfunTM Blue, and Salvia farinacea 'Evolution'

All non-plant material will be recycled or reused in future installations by Munro. The sage will be turned into planting material at the Gardens' composting facility.

Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna
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