Candlelight: Canopy Cathedral Treehouse

Inspired in design by the traditional wood-frame churches found in Norway, the Canopy Cathedral is one of three treehouses built in 2008 to celebrate the importance of trees to the Gardens’ past, present, and future. Lining the exposed wooden beams of the house’s soaring interior with 177 lights concealed in porcelain vessels and six back-lit mirrors, the installation enhances the sense of sacred space with a soft, tranquil glow that replicates candlelight.

Artistʼs Inspiration

As a lighting designer who has spent years creating complete schemes for both interiors and exteriors, I am highly attuned to how lighting sets the mood and stirs the emotions. I wanted to emphasize the sacred sense of Canopy Cathedral with a flickering light reminiscent of candles. Creating a balance between functional and decorative is all in the details, and adding mirrors served both purposes. The right kind of lighting can transform the subconscious feeling of a space entirely.

–Bruce Munro

Installation Process


  • —177 handmade porcelain candles
  • —12v linear xenon lamp—each uses as much power as a flashlight
  • —6 back-lit mirrors with antiqued glass

Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna
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