Light Shower: Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall is an extraordinary site for Light Shower, an installation of 1,650 teardrop-shaped diffusers suspended from the ceiling by fiber-optic strands. Reflecting in the water that floods the Hall’s sunken marble floor, Light Shower provides a particularly poetic visual accompaniment to a space that is valued as one of the Gardens’ most iconic.

Artistʼs Inspiration

In 2008 I was invited to propose some alternative lighting designs for a contemporary highland lodge at the head of Loch Ossian in Scotland. I found myself sitting on a step halfway up the main stairs of the lodge absorbing a magnificent, uninterrupted view of the loch and group of snow-capped mountains beyond it. It was raining in squalls against the plate-glass window, which distorted the view with rivulets of water streaming down the panoramic pane. The words “light” and “shower” registered in my mind and I had my idea. The original installation now hangs motionless as if suspended in time, overlooking but not interrupting the view of Loch Ossian. By day it catches glimpses of the sunshine, shedding prismatic flecks of light onto the stairs, by night it morphs into what it is: a shower of light.

–Bruce Munro

Installation Process


  • —1,650 teardrop diffusers
  • —10.3 mi (16,500 m) bare optic fiber
  • —3 halogen light sources with hand-painted color wheels
  • —On a sunny day, Longwood’s solar field produces enough energy to run this installation for 93,352 days.

All materials will be recycled or reused in future installations by Munro.

Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna
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