Waterlilies: Large Lake

Floating tranquilly in the Large Lake that edges Peirce’s Woods, Waterlilies is a tribute to the platterlike Victoria waterlily that the Gardens first hybridized in 1961. Comprised of foam discs topped with thousands of recycled CDs, the installation mirrors the ever-changing hues of the surrounding landscape. This installation is best viewed by day.

Artistʼs Inspiration

Longwood Gardens’ famous homegrown Victoria lilies were the catalyst behind my creation of giant Waterlilies made out of CDs—a material I worked with extensively in my CD Sea installation (in which 600,000 recycled CDs were laid out in a field in the British countryside). I also must give credit to two other inspirations. First to C.S. Lewis’s book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which depicts a sea of white lilies that signifies the border between two worlds, and second to a Georgia O’Keeffe painting that shows a clear blue Arizona sky populated by abstracted clouds receding from the bottom to top edge of the canvas.

–Bruce Munro

Installation Process


  • —100 6-ft foam lilies
  • —100 8-ft foam lilies
  • —65,000 recycled CDs

All materials will be recycled or reused in future installations by Munro.

Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna
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